I have a blog?!

What a trip down memory lane to see all my experiences over 2 ¬†1/2 years ago! I am thinking about starting to write again, if anyone is interested ūüôā



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New Year’s Resolutions

I am enjoying my vacation in Hawaii! After years of only taking just a few days off of skating at a time, I am happy to not be skating for a while (note: I do take time off of hockey and derby but usually not at the same time). After skating at a national level for the last 13 years of my life, I have learned that it is very important to take time off from skating so as not to burn out.

Most recently I took a coaching road trip in southern Oregon and northern California which was an AWESOME experience. It’s truly amazing to see all the derby leagues that are working hard to be the best skaters possible. It was great also to see juniors, men, and even a junior boy out there skating :).

I am actually leaving Hawaii a little earlier than planned because I am heading to good ole Texas to coach in Arlington with Certifiable Derby Training which is great because I get to see a lot of the original derby teammates out of DDD!

2012 New Years Resolutions:

Jam more, excuse less. Although I jammed a lot for Jet City, I really found my calling blocking for Oly and have only jammed a smattering of times in the last 8 months or so. I prefer being¬†in the pack keeping the other jammer at bay, but I need to be a multifaceted player! So jamming I will do ūüôā

Help derby reach new levels. There needs to constant growth in the world of derby so that, before I retire, derby is on ESPN (the main channel ;)). Derby needs more fans, more straight forward rules, and maybe more PC names lol.

Place in top 4 at the Rink Hockey World Championships next November. This is the last year I really want to play multiple high level sports together. My first year we placed fourth (the highest any US team has ever placed men’s or women’s) ¬†and as a starting member of that team, nothing could beat that amazing feeling when we beat Chile to make into the top 4. There is actually a really grainy youtube video with us celebrating afterwards.

Finally, I resolve not to get too involved in EVERYTHING! Sometimes I spread myself a little thin which is ironic because I have already committed to three separate teams ;). I am sadly not going to be running in a marathon because truthfully you really can’t run 25-35 miles a week AND skate 6 days as well. So there, I have trimmed some fat out of my already busy schedule.

On that note, I am off to the beach for the last time on the Big Island and then tomorrow we fly over to Oahu until the 5th :). I hope everyone party’s safe and responsibly ;).

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Why I think derby players should be paid to play

I don’t normally write opinion pieces but I think it’s important to realize its not all about the urge for fame and recognition, it’s to be able to play the sport you love without having to worry where to get the next rent check from.¬†
I have met a lot of derby people over the last few years and I’m still amazed when I find out the jobs some of the best derby girls in the country have. Nannies, department store associates, Wal Mart workers, etc. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of successful derby women but there’s always the flip side to that coin. I am mainly focusing on the success we could have in the derby world!
Hockey is my life. I have made it that way for the last 13 years of my life. I picked skating over school, work, relationships, other sports and family. I don’t regret a second of it, it’s worth it for something you love.¬†
Now that I’ve switched to derby its been a near constant battle to not pick derby over everything including hockey. Derby has everything hockey doesn’t for women. It highlights athletic women, it allows me to take on a completely different persona (anyone who knows me personally knows it takes A LOT to curl my hair), and it really is growing like a weed. Hockey really isn’t going anywhere as far as a future career for me (and most women in general).
I’ve heard a lot of arguments to keep derby grassroots, screw that, I want derby girls on ESPN, interviewing with Ellen and on the cover of sports illustrated. This is all so that derby girls can do what they love and get paid for it!
Don’t forget the crew and refs! They work so hard to make this game well worth it.¬†
I want my future daughters to have the opportunity to play a sport that was resurrected for women, by women. As much as I would love for them to be able to play hockey and make a career out of it, really the best chance they have is that it’ll pay for college.¬†
I don’t have a solution to make it so that derby girls are paid, but I certainly hope we are heading in that direction.
-coming next week, 2012 New Year’s Resolutions!


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WFTDA Nationals- Saturday

Wow this weekend has been crazy! After getting in at around midnight friday night Tannah, IA, Sara and I hung out and got relatively good sleep considering it was the night before my debut at nationals!

On Saturday morning we started our morning with our mini an anthem of Rihanna-We Found Love, which of course we minivan danced to :-). We then headed to the rink and watched some awesome derby! I almost yelled myself hoarse when Rocky ultimately lost to Gotham, which was a damn shame if you ask me.

When we finally warmed up for our first game against Philly it was all about getting used to the altitude and the sport court. It was a good warm up game for us because, although it’s nice to not play til the second day of the tournament, it also is a long time to wait. I felt strong skating wise and it only took me about 10 minutes into the first half to get my breathing right.

After that game we stuck around the venue mostly to watch the other games and relax before our game later that evening. There was some great breakfast and lunch served for the skaters, officials and announcers. I also got to catch up with a lot of people from Texas and Cali whom I hadn’t seen in a long time!

The Kansas bout was a rough one. I don’t feel like it was a bad game for us but more of a flat one, we really didn’t start skating hard until halfway through the second half. I also got into some serious penalty trouble but the funny thing is that I’ve only ever been ejected once before and it was when they came and played us earlier this year so it is what it is.

So now here we are today, about to play Gotham for the championship title in about 5 hours! I am excited to play and even more excited that so many people have been supporting me on my trips this year! It’s been a great year and it would be awesome to finish at the top.

Well I know this blog wasn’t extra exciting but I’m on my phone so everything is slightly abbreviated. Wish me luck! More to come after Nationals :-)!

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A plane ride, a reflection and a look to the future

This weekend:

I am currently enroute to Denver,Colorado using the email function on my iPhone so bear with me on spelling and grammar. I am sitting next to my teammate IA and she is playing pinball on her new laptop, let me tell you, we are an exciting bunch!

I was kind of bummed to miss the first day of nationals but the ticket price was too good to pass up! Plus, it’s probably better for the fact that I won’t be all ansy at the rink just waiting to play.

I was watching the Rose/Kansas game on my phone in the airport, holy shit! I think the entire airport knew there was a game going on I was so excited! I am ultimately glad that Kansas came out on top and from what it looked like when I boarded the plane, we are playing Philly at 2:45pm mountain time tomorrow. If we win that game we play at 7ish mountain time that night against either Windy City or Kansas. If we win THAT game we go on to the championship game at 4pm mountain time on Sunday.

I then fly out Tuesday morning but am hoping to get on a stand by flight on Monday so I don’t have to spend the night in the Denver airport!

This has been a truly crazy year for me with derby. My first sanctioned bout was in January against Montreal and here I am at the WFTDA championships fighting for the Hydra. I was at The World Championships for Rink Hockey at this time last year and of you had asked me if I would be here at the derby champs I would have said you were crazy!

A few fond memories:

We as a team spent a lot of time practicing together and although I do miss certain people at Jet I definitely think Oly is place for me. I credit Jet with refining my understanding of the rules, but Oly definitely brought the competition to a whole other level.

Back in June when we flew into Den to play Rocky and Denver I mostly didn’t know what to expect, I was freshly transferred from Jet having only played against Texas and Rat before heading to play the (at the time) #1 in the country. The venue rocky had was fantastic minus the Dr. Peppered floor, nothin says welcome to RMRG like eating shit going around a corner all by yourself. I ended up getting MVP of that game and I will always remember it because the was my first welcome to the highest level of derby. The reffing didn’t matter really because we just all skated, remember those days when everyone just skated? *sniff* I miss those days.

At westerns I had a ton of things going on right before making me extremely stressed out leading up to our first game. I found it ironic that we ended up facing Jet and Rose both my ex teams (though it’s hard to for me to claim Rose considering I spent two months in booty camp/fresh meat). It definitely gave me an opportunity to have a good time and work hard. When we played Rocky for the Western region title it was a hard fought game but ultimately I really think we just wanted it more. The funniest part of that game had to be when AJ and I looked like we were making out when she turned around and skated backwards and I attempted to hit her.

A few after thoughts:

After nationals I will be heading over to Hoqiam to coach a newly formed derby team there and set to work on training for Worlds for hockey next year. I am dead set on placing top four again and that means I’ve got to be the best I can!

And now I’ve finally made it to my hotel and I’m sleepy. Peace and love ūüôā

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Besterns: Day 1 and 2

Ok ok, so as usual I suck at posting blogs in a timely manner but I think I have a good excuse because A. I failed to bring my computer with me this trip and B. its been supppper exciting and frankly if you are not here, you are missing out!

Best thing about the tournament so far: the derby love, it is AWESOME how many derby fans are making their way here to support Derby. oh and that we made it to Nationals ūüôā

Worst thing: Stroller Derby

Day 1:

Friday was fun because we didnt play til three and I mostly just got to hang out and watch my old team JCRG play in the morning against Tuscon where they basically kicked the crap out of them meaning they played us friday afternoon at 3pm. I went back and forth on my feelings about playing them but ultimately it turned out to be a good warm up for us either way. The game against Jet was very loose and sloppy on our part which was reflected in the score in the beginning of the game. All of us usually skate on wood so it really took a little bit to get used to.

The biggest surprise of the day was the Rat/Denver game mostly because I really thought Denver was going to be¬†able to pull it out.¬†Rat definitely played the slow game, but it seemed to be ok. More about Rat’s strategy later….

I think the announcing, lights, set, etc are all really well executed, and although the coliseum is really big, they have managed to make it feel rather inviting…Thank you Rose!

Day 2

Day two started off pretty well although some of the blow outs were a little rough…but on the upside I did get to go to Voodoo Donuts and get a super huge sugar rush at like 9am. I am sad to report that I only got¬† a maple bar plain and a custard filled chocolate, nothing too crazy! After that I met up with my mom for lunch, both sets of my parents live in the Portland area.¬† We then headed back to the arena and she got to check out this Rat/Rocky Mountain game which was a good thing because I got to really explain all the rules of roller derby to her.

The Rocky/Rat game was rough. I am not going too in depth with it, but I personally just want to skate, I HATE a slow game, hate it! the real bummer, which I am sure all of you know was the ridiculously slow derby that was played by most teams. IMO derby is supposed to be played skating rather than not, but maybe I am wrong? The biggest problem with the stroller derby that went on is that it was overshadowing the good play that was actually going on!!!

Anyways thats about it so far. I am officially headed to my first WFTDA Nationals in November I am so excited BUT First we need to win the Regional championship tonight!

If you want to catch the game tonight on either your computer or iphone! www.derbyaccess.com

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Rolling to Besterns!

Well it’s almost¬†time for my very first Regional tournament in roller derby! I am very excited and not too nervous (this coming from the girl who when she was a kid would throw up before hockey PRACTICES).¬†


Here is the day by day breakdown:


Today: Work til 3ish then pack like a maniac, nothing like heading into a competition not packed or ready :-P. Leave with the roomies around 4ish and get to Portland around 7:30. Then I am going to go see my dad and eat something delicious I am sure, last time I was there we had this amazing tri-tip, YUM! I should probably check in but ill probably just do that in the morning.


I got all new safety gear from Atom earlier this week. The knee pads are pretty cool actually, they look big but they are super cushy and nice :):). I am kinda thinking about using them for hockey as well! I put the Bionic bearings in last night before I coached so they seemed to work well but ill know more for sure tomorrow after the game :).


Friday: Get up and get going around 8ish and then head to the coliseum to watch Jet play Tuscon. Then chill until my game at 3:30 against either Jet or Tuscon. I think we will end up playing Jet but you never know. I am excited to be able to play Friday afternoon to get a chance to stretch my legs and get settled in to the Sport Court. I am not a huge fan of the stuff although I do appreciate the ability to basically move a skating rink from place to place. I almost wish we were playing at Oaks on the beautiful wood floor :-p. I am spoiled in Oly and at the Skate Deck in Everett to skate on wood floors :). Friday night is pretty wide open but considering I havent had a Voodoo in months, that might be in order!


Saturday: Other than IKEA trip on saturday morning and seeing the madre, I am thinking Saturday will be filled with derby watching and hanging out. I don’t play until 7pm against either BAD or Rose and at this point I have no idea who we might at this point, both teams are really good. I would like to BAD mostly because Oly has never played them before. It should be an interesting game either way because that will be the game that advances to the championship game on Sunday.


Sunday: Sunday will be an interesting day because everyone will be duking it out for rankings! If Oly advances on (which we should but you never know) we will play at 5pm probably against Rocky (but not if Denver and Rat have anything to say about it :-P). I am interested to see how Sunday goes with only playing on game a day. I am so used to with hockey tournaments playing anywhere from 2-6 games in a day, so this will be a major change tournament wise for me.


Its kinda crazy because I feel like I have been in tournament mode since early June considering I had Regionals for Rink Hockey in June and Nationals in July and then I took about a 2 week break after Nationals and now we are already at Regionals for Derby! (did that make sense? probably not, that’s what I get for playing 3 different skating sports!)


So, in other news, I have decided to mosey my way down to Olympia for the next year or so. My official move day is October 3rd! Its going to be good because I can focus on skating, especially for Nationals because this year it is going down!! And then next year is World Championships for Rink Hockey and I want to be in the best shape possible.  I SHOULD be able to do private lessons down there, but ill know more in the next couple of weeks. I have had a A LOT of requests for lessons next week and only have like 1 or two openings if anyone wants to get in at the Skate Deck before I take off!


I am thinking about updating every day, but only if people care to read it, please let me know if you want daily tournament updates from the Bridgetown Brawl in Portland!!


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